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Patients who have used the controversial chemotherapy drug Taxotere may be eligible to receive a settlement from the drug manufacturer, Sanofi. Taxotere settlements are available to patients that used the drug without being fully informed that it has caused permanent hair loss, especially in women. Because there are many similar drugs that are just as effective without this side effect, the suit argues that those alternative drugs should have been made available to their clients. This situation is especially damaging to the women who have battled back from cancer only to find out that they are going to suffer from permanent hair loss.


Many women report that complete and permanent hair loss is traumatizing, especially after successfully completing chemotherapy and reaching cancer remission. These women are told throughout the course of their chemotherapy treatment that their hair will grow back. It is not until they realize that it is not, that they are informed that permanent alopecia is a possible side effect of the drug Taxotere.

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Because other effective chemotherapy drugs do not have this condition as a side effect, it can be argued that patients should be given one of those drugs as an alternative option. However, patients report that they were never informed of this side effect or given an alternative. There is a class action lawsuit underway that is endeavoring to secure Taxotere settlements for the patients that have been caused distress due to this drug.


As of today, none of the plaintiffs that have brought action against Sanofi have been successful in their quest to seek damages. However, more people are filing suit against the drug manufacturer as details of the negligence become more widely known. Anyone who has suffered due to his or her use of this drug is eligible to become a plaintiff. For instance, if you have lost wages due to missed employment opportunities or opportunities for advancement due to permanent alopecia, you may be eligible to join the class action law suit. Patients that now have a diminished quality of life or have suffered undue stress and discomfort are also eligible to join the suit.

The team at Saunders and Walker, P.A. is here to help provide you assistance in determining your eligibility to bring action against Sanofi for the distress and loss that you have suffered from using Taxotere. The Taxotere settlements are one way to receive compensation for the suffering that you have had to endure.


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