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Isn’t that a work of art? We often get mesmerized by works of art regardless of the medium chosen for rendering, because a work of art holds up truths and beauty we often fail to see in our everyday life. Art could mirror the reality of human existence or could be a meditation on Mother nature. Or art could be a reflection of the transient nature of human emotions. But regardless of what emotion or situation is being depicted by the artist, a work of art draws us closer and closer to our own emotions. And we are often smitten by our curiosity to know more about the soul behind the work of art.

Struggling artist- chaos inside; chaos outside

Often our discoveries seem to be painful when we realise what drives an artist to create art. Most works of art are a desperate search for truth , which is sweetly hidden in the chaos of everyday life. A work of art is often created in the sweet spot between creative desperation and revelation. Our day to day lives are indeed a source of frustration for all of us and no artist is barred from it. To add to this, an artist is often plagued by the voice within, the very same voice which guides the artist through the creative universe, at times attempts to drown the artist in self doubt.

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A for Aristocracy, A for arts

If we were to look back in time, we would see that artists were often patronised by the aristocracy.An example is of musician Tansen who was one of Emperor Akbar’s Navratnas (nine gems) or Leonardo Da Vinci who was nurtured by the Medici family. Artists were often commissioned to chronicle the royal lives and important events of the empire. Only the views of the rulers were allowed to reflect in the works created. Being a patron of arts was important to the royalty, because appreciation of arts often correlated to the prosperity of the empire. The reason being, arts mirror the truth and reality tucked away in the maze of everyday chaos. The patronage by royalty often eased an artist’s responsibility of being the breadwinner. Most importantly, the patronage by the royalty have allowed artists to create bodies of art that have stood the test of times.

Democracy and artistic endeavors

With the passage of time came the wave of democracy that has swept across our modern world. In the democratic world, an artist is free to express ideas without the fear of his/her artistic creation be doctored or not seeing the light of the day. Artist do not have to fear persecution for artistic creations that question or challenge the status quo. Also in the modern world, artists often need a day job to save enough to be able to burn the midnight oil and endeavour in his/her creative pursuits. Artists often receive financial help from Government .Another development is the emergence of collective support platforms which help artists to start a fundraiser and support their endeavors. Online crowdfunding sites allows artists can sustain themselves while focusing on their art.

Apart from financial support, crowdfunding allows artists to connect with their audiences through social media. Artist can share their work, garner feedback from the audience and hone their craft. Also, crowdfunding platforms can allow artists to network with each other and encourages collaboration. In the age of crowdfunding and social media, artists are no longer confined to their geo-political locations. The world has indeed gotten closer with humanity-plus acts like crowdfunding.

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