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If your child is of the dramatic sort or is always acting or shooting videos, you can help them develop their filmmaking skills by enrolling them in film school for kids in Florida. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to expose your children to the technical skills they can use to create their own films and to learn life skills they need like self-confidence and public speaking.

We offer a variety of classes to suit the interests of your children. For example, in our News Broadcast class, your child will learn how to produce their own news show. It might include breaking news, weather, sports, and commercials.

In our YOUth TUBEr class, your child will join the millions of YouTube content creators by learning how to create their own videos. They will gain the camera, acting, and speaking skills they need to create great videos that they can post on their own channel. This class is perfect for your child if they love to watch and / or create YouTube videos. They may end up being the next YOUth TUBEr!

The Mini-Movie class is great for kids who love using their imagination to create and act out their stories. In this course, your child will work with others to create, direct, act in, and produce a movie. They learn how to create a movie from start to finish, and they gain the technical skills they need to make a movie of their own design.

In all of our classes, we teach your child public speaking and skills to talk on the camera. We show kids how to showcase their personalities on camera effectively. Your child’s self-confidence will blossom, and they will develop cooperative skills as they work with others on a team to create an end product from their imaginations. Their social skills will also develop as they make decisions with their teammates.

Your child will receive positive feedback from us, learn memorization techniques, the art of conversation, to listen carefully, and to minimize their fear of public speaking. Their instructors are all experienced professionals in the filmmaking field, and they are eager to share their experience and knowledge with your child.

When you’re ready to learn more about our film school for kids in Florida, contact us by phone or email. We look forward to working with your child so that they can become more confident filmmakers and able to create their own movies!

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