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When communities compete to bring businesses in to a location, the businesses benefit. An illustration of this is the ambitious plan to attract Channel 4 to Leeds, a leading story in the Yorkshire Evening News lately. The city’s bid is being accompanied by an aggressive campaign from a healthy number of Yorkshire’s local authorities which sends the message that the operation is very welcome to make its home there.

Local communities don’t always fight for businesses to settle in their area, but this can simply be a matter of not knowing about the relocation plans rather than about the company itself. If the communities did have the information they could, and frequently do, make their claim for the business presence.

It’s a question of being the best place at the right time.

Commercial property advisor guidance

John Parkinson is a commercial property advisor and member of the Thames Valley Business Advisors and part of his workload comprises helping businesses to relocate successfully. His focus is on guiding entrepreneurs, SME’s and corporations across the Thames Valley, London and the south east of England.

He has 40 years of experience in property construction and development in the UK and overseas. John managed and owned a construction and development company for 25 years and he has witnessed the highs and lows and obstacles in commercial property.

He’s an invaluable asset throughout the relocation process because he’ll help to assess the community strength, talent, property and resources to support moving into a specific area and he has found that sometimes dropping a hint to a community sets it to work on attracting a business to their borough.

Relocation priorities

Leeds officials are working with Channel 4 on support initiatives that will make a move to the city more attractive. Risk reduction is a primary component of the support package and the local authority and Leeds Region Enterprise Partnership are keen to show Channel 4 that all they need to prosper is present.

Diversity, outstanding and unique locations, creative and digital talent are vital and as Channel 4 already films in the locality it has the benefits of the existing infrastructure and accommodating environment.

Channel 4, as with any other business, needs to consider the strength of the Leeds bid against their relocation priorities. Every relocating business has its own set of priorities and an expert like John Parkinson can aid the evaluation of these.

They include:

  • Availability of commercial property.
  • Cost of rent and/or purchase.
  • Available talent.
  • Favourable tax and regulations in the area.
  • Accessibility to transport links.
  • Another priority when a relocation includes creating everything, the premises included, is that a commercial property advisor guides the client through each step in the construction planning and management processes too.

If your company is seeking to relocate then please get in contact with John Parkinson. His expertise and experience as a commercial property advisor will benefit you as you move forward, find the right location, gain local community interest and invite competition for the relocation.

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