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When it comes to choosing materials to use for flooring both in and around our homes, we can often struggle to determine what the greatest choice are – However in recent years it have become apparent to all that natural stone presents one of the most fabulous options, one in which more and more people are choosing to use in the UK on a daily basis.

Although the majority of people now understand how great natural stone paving is, those interested still have some work to do – They must decide what kind of natural stone they want to use, and in line with this today we are going to be providing a brief introduction to a few of our favourites…

Our Top Picks

Sandstone: Sandstone presents an excellent all-around choice, and because of this it is one of the most popular natural stone choices used in UK gardens and homes. Sandstone is available in a plethora of shapes and colours making it a great option for many different style and taste requirements. Sandstone is widely available and easy to work with, making it one of the more affordable natural stone options too.

Slate: Slate is another popular natural stone material that is used for flagstones and paving. It boasts a unique soft texture, a subtle colour pallet and is incredibly attractive. Because slate is not quite as hard as some of the other it is best used in relatively sheltered locations with limited rainfall, with many people choosing to feature it within their homes. Slate is also easy to shape, making it perfect for quirky and different shaped areas.

Limestone: Limestone is a truly beautiful natural stone often used to provide paths and patios with a distinct look. Limestone is more evenly coloured than other natural stones and comes with a very fine grain, making it easy to cut and shape. Limestone paving is incredibly popular due to its sheer amazingness, and is growing in popularity around the UK each and every day.

Granite: Granite is possibly the strongest and most durable type of natural stone available on the market today. Not only this but it also offers one of the widest colour choices of all paving stones – Available in blue, tan, brown, yellow, green, orange, pink, red and more! The hardness of this stone makes it incredibly long lasting and a bit more expensive, with some people choosing to use it to create accents in their garden to contrast with other natural stones.

These are only some of our favourite natural stone choices too, if you are considering natural stone for inside or outside of your home we advise that you speak with a stone merchant whom will be able to advise and guide you in the most appropriate ways.

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