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Getting a divorce comes with numerous steps and formalities, but the first step for any individual in this position is to find an alimony lawyer Nassau County. Once you make an initial appointment with this lawyer, you’ll next need to prepare for the meeting.

Showing up to a divorce meeting without knowing what to expect and without planning ahead will simply be a waste of money. Here’s how to prepare.

The First Meeting

The first thing to know about divorce meetings with your lawyer is that they’re confidential. Attorney-client privileges will be protected, so if you’re concerned about a specific marital situation or if you’re simply considering a divorce and aren’t sure whether you really want to go through with it, all of what you say will stay between you and your lawyer.

Much of what happens in that first meeting with your divorce lawyer will depend on your particular divorce case. Have you even spoken to your spouse about divorce yet? Do both you and your spouse agree on the divorce? Have you already filed the papers? Do you foresee litigation to fight over the property and assets you acquired jointly?

As you can see, you may end up in a slew of different situations with a divorce. Some individuals even come in with an emergency on their hands — their spouse is draining their joint bank accounts or trying to hit the road with the kids. Whatever your unique situation is, explain this right away to your alimony lawyer Nassau County.

What to Have Prepared

In addition to a prenuptial agreement (if you have one), there are several things you’ll want to bring with you to this first meeting:

  • Financial Paperwork:Bring financial records such as tax returns, pay stubs, and W-2s. You should also bring copies of your bank records and credit card statements. If you own stock together or have retirement plans, bring information on these accounts as well. Anything pertinent should be copied and brought to your meeting.
  • What You Hope to Get Out of Your Divorce:Next you should plan what you hope to get from the divorce and what you find acceptable and fair. This will take some time to consider and think about, so do this before you arrive. When asked by your lawyer what you hope to get, you’ll be able to answer quickly and succinctly.
  • Questions:Finally, here’s no doubt you have questions about the divorce proceedings. Instead of trying to think about your questions at the meeting, plan them and write them down beforehand so that time isn’t wasted.

Finding a Lawyer

You should not go through your divorce without a reputable alimony lawyer Nassau County. The Law Office of Robert H. Montefusco, P.C., located on Long Island, New York has a long reputation of excellence and concentrates on the areas of family and matrimonial law. Call their office today to make your first divorce proceedings appointment.

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