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It is a common misconception among many that a mechanic can handle all vehicle problems. It is the first place most people rush to after an accident, irrespective of the impact level. It is also possible that many individuals do not understand the difference between a mechanic and an auto body shop.

For residents of Baltimore here is a comparison of the functions of the auto-shops and the mechanics in the region. The aim is not determining who is better than the other. Each Baltimore auto body shop and mechanic has extensive experience and training in their fields. But while some of their functions and duties overlap, they cannot be interchanged. Read on to find out why.


Mechanics, as implied by the name, are experts in a vehicle’s mechanical system. After an accident, the primary function of the mechanic is to check the functionality of a vehicle. This implies checking the engine and related components. They can also remove a dented bumper and replace a few panels, but that’s all as far as the mechanic’s function goes.

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The Auto Body Shop

Auto shops are specialists in the appearance of the vehicle. Though the mechanic can replace a few panels and a bumper, the auto shop bears the final touch of completeness on body repairs. It has the necessary tools for redeeming the car to its original appearance.

Let’s look at services at a Baltimore auto body shop that mechanics do not offer.

In-depth Body Analysis

After a collision, even a small one, deciding between a mechanic and an auto shop should be based on specifics. If the car has no damages on the body, the mechanic is the best bet. Otherwise, it belongs to the auto shop. Only here can the extent of body damage be determined.

A visit to the auto shop will prove that body repair is more than screwing parts together. At the shop, the entire body of the vehicle is checked to ensure that it is still properly aligned. It is common to find panels located too far from the point of impact have twisted, shifted or even kinked. Such hidden body damages are checked and repaired at the shop.


In some cases, it is possible for mechanics to replace panels. However, they do not offer painting services necessary for enhanced aesthetics. Cost of the services such as training, equipment and licensing are too uneconomical for shops that do not specialize in the service. The process also consumes time regarding alignment, filling, sanding, and cleaning. Mechanics would rather repair other vehicles than take this extra load.

Therefore, before taking your car to either shop, you should determine if you need a mechanical repair or body work, functionality or aesthetics.

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